We are excited to announce that the 2024 theme for the Crystal Ball Gala will be 'Shaken, Not Stirred'!

The charitable grants to nonprofits who received a 2019 grant from the Community Foundation thanks in part to revenue from Crystal Ball can be found on pages 12 and 13 of the 2022 Annual Report. Please follow the Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi on Facebook  and Instagram for updates and visit YouTube or Flickr to see grants in action.


What to expect at Crystal Ball 2024:


  1. Souvenir Arctic Cups: $50 to purchase your own Crystal Ball souvenir and it comes with (2) drink tickets! Be sure to purchase as soon as you get into the arena – there are a limited number and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Available for purchase at our new Ticket Stand.  
  1. Raffle Tickets: New this year! $100 will buy you the chance to win $2,000, $3,000, or $5,000! Only 250 raffle tickets available to purchase, so come prepared to win! Available for purchase at our new Ticket Stand. 
  1. Drink Tickets: You will be able to enjoy a Crystal Ball themed cocktail – the Vesper Martini, for one - with the purchase of a $5 ticket. These tickets are specific to 2024, so your 2014 drink tickets will not work. Available for purchase at our new Ticket Stand. 
  1. Casino Games: For a cover fee (that goes directly to support our nonprofits through our competitive grants!), enjoy fun games of Blackjack and Roulette. We have professional casino dealers to give you the best experience.  
  1. 360 Photobooth: New this year! We have an amazing 360 photobooth for you and your friends to capture a fun and memorable moment at the Crystal Ball Gala! And to make sure no one is waiting in line; we will have more photo op options around the arena! 
  1. Complementary Valet: Don’t worry about parking and walking a mile to the Arena – we have a valet for you! You will also see the traffic map within your ticket link on your phone.  
  1. Online Auction: Be sure to check out the auction items you can only get at the Crystal Ball Gala! 


If you have questions:



CALL OUR OFFICE AT 662 449-5002


Crystal Ball Website



Check out our Flickr Albums Below!

Crystal Ball 2023 Photo Booth

Crystal Ball Gala 2023: Photo Booths

Crystal Ball 2023 VIP & Volunteers

Crystal Ball Gala 2023: VIP & Volunteers

Crystal Ball 2023 The Party

Crystal Ball Gala 2023: the Party

Crystal Ball 2023 Random

Crystal Ball 2023 Random Photos

Crystal Ball 2023 Program

Crystal Ball Gala 2023: Awards & Auction

Save the date for our 2024 Crystal Ball Gala - January 20, 2024