The Maddox Foundation has offered a dollar-for-dollar $9 million challenge grant to the Community Foundation, and our deadline to meet this challenge is December 31, 2013. Already 70% of the matching funds have been raised! To meet the challenge, $2.7 million is needed in endowment gifts by Dec. 31, 2013. Donors can designate their endowment gifts for the benefit of any charitable organization or interest.

How You Can Help… And benefit from the Big Challenge

This challenge benefits the Foundation’s goals of improving the education and health of our region, especially our younger generation. Every endowment gift triggers an equal endowment gift to the Community Foundation.

Just as importantly, this challenge may benefit donors who establish endowment funds at the Foundation. For each endowment created with $50,000 or more, the Community Foundation adds 25% to the donor’s endowment.

For example, should you decide to establish a $100,000 endowed fund for your designated charitable organization, field of interest (such as the arts) or future charitable grantees through your advice:

* Your fund will receive an additional $25,000 as part of this match.

* Your Community Foundation receives $25,000 for its charitable work.

* The Maddox Foundation increases its endowment fund by $50,000 to support the Community Foundation’s work in education, health and improving our region’s quality of life.

RESULT: Your $100,000 has created an additional $100,000 for charitable work in your region!

How You Double Your Charitable Impact

  • Every endowment gift to the Community Foundation creates a matching endowment gift to the Community Foundation from the Maddox Challenge!
  • Every gift to the Endowment for the Future of Northwest Mississippi triggers an equal gift to this endowment that enables your Community Foundation to respond to your region’s most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.
  • Other endowment gifts for donor-designated purposes also trigger equal matching gifts to your Community Foundation and may benefit the donor’s charitable interests.