The Community Foundation’s Box Project connects hundreds of Delta residents in poverty with mentoring sponsors from 46 states. Going back to school can be quite a challenging time for these Box Project families. They have the challenge of acquiring school uniforms and school supplies for the upcoming year.

You can help make a difference by sponsoring a family for back to school. Consider how  your short-term sponsorship can make this  year successful as schools start back in early August.

How to become a “Back-to-School” Sponsor?

  1. Sign up online at
  2. Select What You Can Do
  3. Select Family Sponsor
  4. At bottom of the page, select “Click Sponsor membership dues are $50 per year.
  5. Select “New Sponsor Membership Form” and complete the form with your information.
  6. Annual Membership select “Back to Sponsor” or Winter Holiday”
  7. Submit $50 Annual Membership Fee or for Current Sponsors submit $35.00 Additional Family Fee
  8. Select a family from the information The Box Project will email to you.
  9. Pack a Box and have Fun communicating with your new Box Project Friend!