In 1999, just one month after the Keith Wilson was transferred to Nashville for work, he became a heart patient at Saint Thomas Hospital and learned that he would need open heart surgery. After a successful surgery and intensive rehabilitation, Keith returned to work and normal daily activities.

Having to undergo major cardiac surgery is an extremely difficult experience, but for Keith, it was also a defining one. He wanted to express his gratitude to Saint Thomas’s dedicated staff in a way that would allow other heart patients to receive the same expert care as he did. An avid sporting clays enthusiast, Keith organized and led a sporting clay’s tournament in April 2001, inviting the support of his local sporting clays team, friends, and coworkers.

The tournament, called “Shoot for the Heart,” was highly successful and became an annual event. Countless cardiac patients have been served through the generosity of its sponsors and participants. This is the sixth year the event will also assist Northwest Mississippi Community College School of Nursing as it prepares more health care leaders.

Shoot For The Heart – April 16, 2020